Instructions for Reviewers

Prior to publication in journal „Poslovna izvrsnost - Business Excellence“, each submitted paper is peer-reviewed by minimally two independent reviewers specialized in corresponding field of interest.

Each reviewer gets anonymous, codified paper and a review form directly from Editorial Board. The reviewer evaluates a paper following the instructions in a review form and states necessary changes and recommendations for improvement, suggests category of the paper or to reject a paper. Papers can be categorized as original scientific paper, preliminary communication, review paper or professional paper. Fill-in form is returned to Editorial Board. On the basis of gathered reviews, Editorial Board makes final decision on paper publication and categorization. 

Comments and suggestions for paper improvements given by reviewers, are distributed anonymously from Editorial Board to authors. 

Scrutinized instructions and review forms are given to reviewers in direct correspondence with Editorial Board.

The review process is double blind. The authors stay unknown to the reviewers, as well as reviewers to the authors. Also, reviewers of the same paper are unknown to each other.

Before reviewing a paper, reviewers are kindly asked to study the Editorial Policy and Ethical and Malpractice Policy.